CloudPages is a comprehensive user management platform for Google Apps. CloudPages provides managed onboarding and offboarding process including mail, calendar and files resources for better estate management. Enhanced password features to control security, Single Sign On to access to cloud and Active Directory resources and scalable contact management. This is all wrapped up from a single interface that can be used on mobile, tablet or desktop devices.


Features Freemium Enterprise Education & Non Profits
User Management & Directory Employee, Customer & Supplier Search          ✔          ✔          ✔
Skills & Location based search          ✔          ✔          ✔
User managed Profile          ✔          ✔          ✔
Delegated User Administration          ✔          ✔          ✔
Bulk Import Export          ✔          ✔          ✔
Contact Sharing Mobile Synchronisation          ✔          ✔          ✔
User managed shared contacts          ✔          ✔          ✔
Password Management Password Strength Policy          ✔          ✔          ✔
Password Expiry          ✘          ✔          ✔
Two-Step Authentication (2FA)          ✘          ✔          ✔
Password Self Service          ✘          ✔          ✔
Password Sync with on premise applications          ✘          ✔          ✔
User Provisioning & Deprovisioning User Enablement          ✘          ✔          ✔
Google Drive Allocation          ✘          ✔          ✔
Group Membership          ✘          ✔          ✔
Signature Management          ✘          ✔          ✔
User Deletion Policy          ✘          ✔          ✔
Access Control & Federation Custom Login          ✘          ✔          ✔
Single Sign On (SAML)          ✘          ✔          ✔
Two-step Authentication (2FA)          ✘          ✔          ✔
Login Restrictions          ✘          ✔          ✔
Anti-Phishing Authentication          ✘          ✔          ✔
Enhanced Login Reporting          ✘          ✔          ✔



  • User Provisioning & Deprovisioning

    User Provisioning & Deprovisioning

    Through User Provisioning & Deprovisioning, CloudPages provides User Lifecycle Management for Google Apps for Work

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  • Password Management

    Password Management

    Self service password word management for your users to recover forgotten passwords. Apply robust policies to all password changes at organisation or organisation unit level to ensure secure password practice throughout your organisation. 

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  • Contact Sharing

    Contact Sharing

    Google Contact Sharing allows end users to share their Google Contacts, including My Contacts and any other contact group that they have created.

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  • User Management & Directory

    User Management & Directory

    An intuitive organisational structure applied to Google Apps, allowing managers to manage without relying on IT. Self service profiles for users. Search for employees, customers and suppliers

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  • Access Control & Federation

    Access Control & Federation

    Control access with customised, restricted login to Google and other applications through single sign on.

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  • CloudPages Pricing

    CloudPages Pricing

    The basic edition CloudPages includes all the great search, Google Apps integration, profile editing, organisation management, data inheritance, logging and password policy and reset features. Password recovery, on-premise integration, single sign on, and customisation are all premium features.

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  • Single Sign-On

    Single Sign-On

    Provide a single point of login and the use of just one password to securely log into Google Apps, CloudPages, Salesforce or any other SAML-based Single Sign-on system. Combine with password self-service and recovery to provide a complete login service. 

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  • Email Signature Management

    Email Signature Management

    Define standard email templates for your organisation or organisation units. Using an advanced HTML editor, compose attractive and flexible signatures containing personal or organisation data and enforce these signatures for your users.

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  • Powerful Search

    Powerful Search

    Browse and search for colleagues in and outside of your organisation using the most powerful user search tool. Search by name, address, company, job title, organisation unit, skills and more. Locate the people you want to locate, fast. 

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  • Self-Service Profiles

    Self-Service Profiles

    Manage your users and OUs and let your users manage themselves. CloudPages gives you control, allowing administrators, managers or users themselves to control their information and your organisations information, all backed by flexible permissions and roles. 

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  • Customised Google Apps Login

    Customised Google Apps Login

    When using Single Sign On and CloudPages, customise your login page. You users will see familiar colours and logos that belong to your organisation. Select a Google Drive Document and even force agreement to Terms and Conditions before login. 

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  • Integration and Customisation

    Integration and Customisation

    Securely integrate your Google directory with existing on-premise or cloud based offerings. Make a change in CloudPages and trigger actions in your on-premise directory. Provision users, sync profile information, passwords and more. 

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  • Admin Only Features

    Admin Only Features

    Quickly see an overview of your domain, including the number of users, OUs, contacts, roles and searches performed. Trigger a domain synchronisation, maintain the search index, enable embedding and setup notification email addresses.

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  • Collaboration


    CloudPages & General Audit Tool (GAT) have been integrated to help you get the most out of your Google Apps and training investments.

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  • Mobile App

    Mobile App

    Now you can carry your corporate directory with you in your pocket. Sometimes the person you are looking for is not synced to your phone problem use CloudPages to find and connect via phone or email with a simple tap.

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