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Google and Cloud Technology Solutions are hosting a Google Enterprise for Construction & Manufacturing event in September 2014.

Google executives have been hitting the road throughout 2014 to share th...

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Who has gone Google?

Jun 26, 2014 12:28:55 PM

A graph looking at where the most Google-friendly continents are, which verticals are going Google, size of business and what they are migrating from

We surveyed our Google Apps partners for extra insight into:

  • The different verticals which are converting to Google's cloud offering
  • Which geographical areas are going Google
  • What platforms organisations...
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Google IO Updates for Google Apps

Jun 26, 2014 6:26:42 AM

There has been a wealth of announcments and updates for Google Apps coming out of Google IO 2014.

Here is a list of the new updates to Google Apps.

Restore a user's Google Drive files

Admins can now rest...

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Eric Brewer is a man who happens to be a legend in the technical world. He is a leader born out of the successes that Silicon Valley has given birth to over the past thirty years. Brewer has seen it a...

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RoadchefChanges in working practices over the last few years have necessitated a more flexible way of providing access to critical IT resources. The ability to utilise productivity-increasing applications lik...

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Cloud Migrator

CloudMigrator is the worlds leading migration tool for Google Apps. It's well known for being the best tool available for migrating email systems to Google Apps and Google Vault.

But did you know that ...

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