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What we believe in

For us, it’s not just about our vibrant offices in the city centre or the fact that you can play videogames or a round of pool when you want to take a break. What’s most important is that we’ve nurtured an open and supportive culture and a strong set of values that you won’t see plastered on our walls, but which guide everything we do.

Get involved

From the bottom to the top, we don’t treat anyone differently. We roll up our sleeves and help out, knowing others would do the same for us.

We share and consider each other’s thoughts, listening and trusting that we will be listened to. We don’t expect people to be mind readers.

Appreciate others

We know that work is only one aspect of our lives. We’re more than colleagues. We treat each other as equals, and consider our actions and how they will impact others around them. We celebrate each other’s successes.

We support our local communities with volunteering and fundraising, as well as supporting our colleagues in need.

Crack on

We don’t wait around. We know who needs to have input and when. We seize opportunities and make decisions quickly.

If things go wrong, we fix them.

Try new things

Learning is at our core and we’re not afraid to try something new. If it works, that’s great, and if it doesn’t, that’s fine too. Either way, we’ve gained knowledge to share and can grow professionally. We challenge thoughts in a constructive way.

We strive to not only keep pace with our surroundings but innovate to drive things forward.

"It's so refreshing to work for a company that is not distracted by bureaucracy and allows each individual to get on with what they need to do. From throwing yourself at a project to taking on a new skill and being flexible with your work/life balance. If you need help, ask for it - that's cracking on. And if you fail, then fail fast because that's cracking on - but share it back with others so we can all learn how to go faster and be better."

Aisling Oliver-BoltProject/Change Manager

"CTS Group has a much more productive and happier environment to work in compared to most other organisations because we deliberately don’t have one thing: A blame culture. In my experience, everyone is in full support of innovation and actually backs that up by allowing everyone to try and fail without judgement. As long as you try your best, any 'failure' is actually just a set of learnings for the future, allowing us to grow as a business, while individuals feel supported and trusted."

Yvonne DuddleProduct Marketing Manager

"Feedback and collaborative working are widely encouraged at CTS and during my time here I've received lots of feedback and appreciation as well as being able to recognise others and the work they do. Everybody is really friendly and nothing is too much trouble. Me and my colleagues with the same interest have been able to work collaboratively on a number of wider business projects that have helped us to prosper, grow together as a strong community and appreciate one another."

Chloe SkerrittPeople Operations Administrator

"I'm relatively new to the company so it was a surprise to me when I was just allowed to propose a new idea and crack on with it! CTS have faith in the people that they employ and trust that they are the experts in their field. This allows us to constantly innovate and react to our customer's needs instead of having to wait months for approval. And, if something doesn't work as expected, we learn from the experience and find a new (and better) solution."

Mark SiddallTechnical Writer

"I'm picking the 'Get involved' one because, aside from people actually living by it in their day-to-day roles, this value is portrayed from the top down in the (now) monthly All Hands Q&A sessions, where everyone is encouraged to ask the leadership team about things that they might be concerned about, or that aren't clear. The sessions always feel very open, honest, and constructive."

Roxana SanduSenior Data Analyst

"When I started with CTS, I was essentially a new department. Since then, I've built a small team and been able to trial and define new processes. Knowing that we've got this approach and being encouraged to try new things has accelerated mine and my teams’ careers and improved our working lives. We've been able to adapt much more quickly to the fast-changing demands of the business but still be able to experiment with new and exciting technologies."

Adam PattisonHead of Web Development

"As a Project Manager, I think it is fundamental to recognise the project team’s effort when delivering a project. I always try to notice the good qualities of others and appreciate even the little things. At the Professional Services team, we have a good habit of appreciating each other’s great work which is really motivating."

Laura MazzolaProject Manager

As a remote worker, I make a point of going up to the Manchester Office at least once per month and have gone to the Edinburgh and Utrecht offices so I get to know people. I've always been made to feel part of the team. The result of this is that I'm often a go-to person for all sorts of things that aren't really part of my job. I'll always help wherever I can because that's what teams do - they help each other out.

Charlie RozentalsChange Management Lead

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