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Become a master of your domain

Transform how you manage and monitor your Office 365 and G Suite domain with the market-leading CloudM Manage. Make IT administration more efficient and your workforce more productive through its extensive features and automated tool.

User Lifecycle Management

CloudManager enables IT admins, managers and end users to efficiently perform day-to-day tasks, empowering your organisation with quick, simple and secure workflows and processes.

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Domain Management

Managing a domain is complex. Using CloudManager can make the task much easier giving your users a great experience, saving time for both your business and IT admins.

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People Finder

Finding the right person to help you get your work done can be a time-consuming task. CloudManager provides staff with the ability to easily add their skills, knowledge, qualifications, interests and experience. Allowing your entire organisation to quickly find and connect with each other.

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CloudManager provides useful insights into the behaviour, usage and activity across your domain. Proactively monitor and address risks before they become a security issue.

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