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Work in the cloud with the latest Chrome devices

Find the right cloud ready devices for your organisation, no matter what size your business. Built for everyday use and perfect for collaborating with others, CTS offer a wide range of cloud devices to suit all your business needs.

Chromebox for Meetings

Hangouts Meet is a powerful video conferencing tool that allows you to connect with up to 25 simultaneous video sessions all over the world. Designed by Google, it will allow you to meet with anyone on any device, at any time.


Chromebase is an innovative web-based all-in-one desktop solution, perfect for the office environment. The high-performing desktop includes a Full HD screen, keyboard, mouse and built in speakers.


We offer a range of Chromebooks which are high-performing, portable and perfect for those that are on the move and still need to gain access to emails.

Digital Signage

It’s hardly in common parlance, but digital signage is everywhere. And for good reason; it’s easy to manage with a simple plugin of your Chromebit to a monitor, plus you can remotely troubleshoot all your devices from one console.

Chrome Enterprise

Chrome Enterprise Upgrade builds upon the speed, simplicity, and security that you get with Chrome OS. Remotely manage, provision, deploy, and implement policies to Chromebooks across your enterprise and enable users to be more productive.


Google’s Jamboard is an intelligent, digital whiteboard built for the cloud, that encourages teams to have productive meetings wherever they are and capture ideas then bring them to life.

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