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Whether you’re new to G Suite or just want to take full advantage of its powerful productivity apps, we’re starting this monthly series to share some simple tips and tricks to make sure you’re getting the most out of your technology:

Keeping sensitive information secure

Have you ever used Confidential Mode in Gmail? This feature is fantastic if you’re sending sensitive information via email. It allows you to set an expiration date for messages, or revoke access at any time. You are also given the option to disable the ability for recipients to forward, copy, print or download the email.

To turn this mode on/off, simply click this button:

Let Sheets do all the work for you

So, instead of having to type in formulas to work out your calculations, you can just ask Google the question you’re looking to find out, as in the example below.

This is all done via the Explore tab at the bottom right-hand corner of your Sheet.

Regular typing is a thing of the past

Have you tried voice typing in Google Docs yet? You will need to make sure that you have a microphone that is working for this feature to work, and you’ll also need to be using the Chrome browser.

To enable this feature:

  • Go to the Tools tab along the top, and click ‘Voice Typing’.
  • Click > ‘Allow’
  • A grey microphone will appear on the left hand-side of your Google Doc
  • Select your language
  • Once you click the icon, it will change colour to orange
  • Make sure you are talking as clearly as possible
  • You should then watch the words appear on your screen!

Finding new ways to collaborate

Google Keep is a fantastic note-taking app, perfect for meetings/ to do lists/ etc.

Imagine taking notes throughout a meeting, and needing a task list that you can collaborate with your teammates on - Google Keep enables you to do this.

  • In Gmail, down the right-hand side column you should see the Keep app
  • As in the steps below, create a new list using this icon
  • And then this icon will allow you to add the teammates you want to collaborate with
  • Now you can work on your task lists with your colleagues!

Transferring event ownership

You may have organised an event, and then later realised that, for whatever reason, you can no longer attend - so you’ll want to change the ownership of this event in your calendar.

This is very easy to do:

  • Firstly, go to your event in the calendar & click on it
  • You should see three vertical dots
  • From there there should be an option to ‘Change Owner’ (as shown below)
  • Then you’re able to select the new owner, and send them a message explaining the situation!

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