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Here is how G Suite can help you beat it.

GDPR has made a lot of organisations look at their risk appetite by putting the spotlight on the levels of Personal Information (PI) data they hold. Whether averse, minimal, cautious, open or hungry, companies are now realising that the level of PI data they hold is impacting their business approach to GDPR.

Your risk appetite is the cornerstone to the decisions made inside of your organisation, impacting areas such as data management, IT selection and infrastructure design. Understanding the level of Personal Information you hold and your risk appetite will enable you to better understand where process or technology might help you with GDPR.

Moving to Google, a global leader in email and office productivity tools, enables you to benefit from the investment Google make in providing enterprise class security. The SKUs available within G Suite can be mapped to match the risk appetites of organisations, with each SKU giving greater of the security of the Personal Information an organisation may hold. This means organisations get cloud leading security without compromising on innovation.

What Features of Google’s SKUs match my Risk Appetite

Google’s G Suite falls into three SKUs, with each one building on functionality and features of the previous. There are many reasons for an organisation to move from one SKU to another, including risk appetite. Businesses with high levels of PI data or an aversion to risk may choose to move across SKUs in order to access the Security, Policy and Procedure features that suit their needs. Some of the features that help mitigate risk within the SKUs are listed below, alongside Virtru’s enhancements.

All Business Enterprise Virtru
– Multi Authentication Method

– Data encryption at rest

– Data encryption in transit

– Enterprise certifications and compliance

– Password monitoring and strength control

– Enforced SSL connections

– Mobile device management

– eDiscovery and archiving for email

– eDiscovery and archiving for documents

– File audit reporting and alerts

– Team Drives for Organisation document ownership

– Drive audit log of user document activity

– Mobile device audit for applied device policies

– Set manual compliance rules for email

– Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for email with customisable policy-based alerts

– Data Loss Prevention for Google Drive with built-in rules and ability to customise as required in line with your information standards. All scanning of Drive content is real time.

– Scanning email attachments

– S/MIME encryption for email

– Strong, easy-to-use client side encryption for emails and files.– Complete control of customer encryption keys

– Powerful access control tools that allow organisations to maintain control of their data,
regardless of where the emails and files are created, stored, or shared

– Audit tools that facilitate insight and reporting on when and where email and files have been accessed or shared.

Virtu allows organisations to build an extra layer on top of these SKUs, meaning they can operate in an environment where even the most robust features of G Suite do not match their risk appetite.

If you would like to know more about how G Suite can fit into your GDPR strategy why not download our whitepaper.

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