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My name is Chiedozie Ekeoma and I’m a Platform Engineer at CTS. My educational background is in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, however, around 2 years ago, I decided to pursue a shift in my career and get into IT.

Whilst looking for opportunities I came across the graduate scheme advertised by CTS and their training provider. It was the perfect opportunity for me because the program didn’t require experience in the field. All you needed was the willingness and proven ability to learn, as the technical training was provided as part of the program. This motivated me to apply as it seemed like a great way to kickstart my career in IT and the cloud.

Putting knowledge into practice

The training during the program was very useful; it gave me exposure to the underlying technology stack and tools that I would most likely be utilising within the role. However as with many things in life, the training never really prepares you for the real deal.

After the program and joining CTS full time, the scope of the role widened instantly and many other aspects came into the picture that went beyond just technical implementation. Being a platform engineer involves a lot more than just writing code and building things on the cloud; you need the flexibility to adapt to the unique problems you will come across. Every client has a different set of requirements and you will need to be able to work with the clients to identify those requirements and then collaborate with your team to build those solutions.

Opportunities to grow

From joining CTS till now, that increase in the scope of the role has been evident. I have travelled to clients to deliver onsite technical presentations and training. I’ve also had to do similar things internally as CTS encourages personal development and learning from your colleagues. I’ve built bespoke pipeline solutions for clients and facilitated large scale infrastructure migrations.

One of the first projects I worked on was building a complicated networking solution for The Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) on Google Cloud which utilised a next-gen firewall device implemented on the cloud. It highlighted to me the wide range of skills needed in this field; being able to communicate with clients, being the technical expert in a lot of situations and being looked to for decision making, the ability to absorb new information and act on it quickly.

This was very soon after I joined CTS so it showed the responsibility and trust CTS places on its employees to deliver work, as well as giving me exposure to these projects that have a direct impact on the business. This is one of the great things about being at CTS, your contributions are tangible and significant. You have a wide-angle view of how your work impacts the overall business, which is something you don’t have in a lot of other companies. It’s also a very friendly environment and colleagues are always willing to help with knowledge gaps.

Joining CTS through their grad scheme has given me a way into the industry and a spot in one of the biggest Google partners in Europe. I’ve had an excellent experience and would highly recommend this route, especially for recent graduates looking to build a career path in a great company!

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