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With more people working from home, the need to stay connected with your team is more pressing than ever. Technology is playing a vital role in ensuring people can continue collaborating and communicating, even when working remotely.

For those still looking for the right video conferencing solution, we’ll share some key comparison points between Hangouts Meet and Zoom:

At a glance

Looking for a free trial?

  • Given current global events, Google is offering free access to their advanced Hangouts Meet capabilities with an increased limit of 250 participants per call (great for larger teams or business-wide calls!). Great for organisations looking to get started quickly without a big investment.
  • Zoom has a free plan with limited capabilities. This might work for smaller teams that are just in the search for a video conferencing tool.

Is it good value for money?

  • When you pay for Zoom, you get extended video conferencing capabilities. And that’s about it.
  • If you want to pay for Hangouts, you pay a similar price (or even lower!) than Zoom and get that plus all of G Suite. That includes Calendar, Gmail, unlimited Drive storage and all of Google’s transformative collaboration and productivity apps. Better bang for your buck.

Does it integrate with the rest of your apps?

  • Hangouts Meet is integrated with the entire Google ecosystem. Calendar automatically creates a link for your meeting on Hangouts Meet and adds it to the invite. People can also join automatically from their email invite, no need to look around for the right call details.
  • With Zoom, you can get details to add to your calendar, but there’s still the need to go to two separate apps to get that same result. And then a third one on top of that, just to share the details via email.

How easy is it to join meetings?

  • To access a meeting with Hangouts Meet, all you need is a link. No need to worry about installing additional software, plug-ins or even making sure that everyone has an account.
  • If you’re joining a Zoom meeting from your computer, everyone needs to make sure they have the latest version of the app installed.

How many participants can join?

  • If you're using Hangouts Meet, you can have up to 250 live presenters. Additionally, Meet offers live streaming to up to 100,000 participants. This means that even larger organisations can have company-wide calls to update their teams remotely.
  • Zoom's largest plan offers up to 1,000 participants for an additional fee.

Anything else?

  • Zoom has capabilities like whiteboard collaboration, screen sharing and chat. It also allows you to record your meetings and save them in the cloud.
  • Hangouts Meet shares these same capabilities. Thanks to G Suite’s comprehensive set of collaboration apps, you get whiteboarding with the Jamboard app, and instant messaging capabilities with Chat. During your meetings, you can also present your screen, record your meetings and upload them automatically to Drive.

Apart from connecting everyone across your organisation, you can see how Hangouts Meet was made with the purpose of adding value to your business and making your team’s lives easier. For us at CTS, it has been an essential tool to stay connected and work from home in the smartest way possible.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can empower your workforce with tools for better communication and collaboration, get in touch. Our remote working specialists can quickly set up everything you need to ensure that your business continues running smoothly.

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