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Taking notes is considered to be the tip for productivity. By writing it down you are able to clear your mind until you really need your previous thoughts. Everyone has probably already tried this method using sticky notes; ending up with a chaotic pile of yellow and blue notes. Why bother, when there is a digital alternative? With the introduction of the new Gmail layout, many people write about Google Tasks, however, we shouldn’t forget the good old Google Keep!

What is Google Keep?

The gathering place for everything you want to remember. Be it to-do lists, notes, images, URLs, voice clips or drawings. You can create to-do lists, write your random notes down, make some sketches or create shared lists of bullets. You can always decide whether a note is just for you, or that you need someone else to be part of it as well.

The best thing about Keep is the accessibility. You can install the app on your phone, you can open the website on your laptop or install the extension in your Chrome browser. It’s literally always available. Simultaneously, it integrates with every device. You can save an image or website with one click from your browser into a note, and open this from your phone, or add it to a Google doc. Within the new Gmail layout, it’s even integrated into your mailbox. Both making and using notes is nicely integrated with every G Suite app.

Some interesting features:

  • Remember things when and where you need them
    Setting reminders for your notes is useful, but maybe not very special. The nice thing about Keep, however, is that you’re not limited to day-reminders, as you are in Google Tasks. You can set time-reminders, or even a reminder for a location. You can get the reminder that you have to get a bottle of wine, while you walk past the liquor store. Or save the idea that you really have to check the newest Internet of Things devices when you are at the IKEA, so when you’re actually around the note pops up.

  • Organise with labels
    Naturally, you can use the different colours of sticky notes within Google Keep as well. When you have many notes, this can still become confusing. Therefor, Keep has the ability to label. You can organise everything on certain issues and use the search or label to make it easily retrievable. All you have to do is put ‘#label name’ into your note.

  • Convert your picture into text
    Took a quick picture of your scribbles? Keep converts it into text. Not only do you have the saved picture, you can also add the text to a Google Doc directly (or Mail, or Sheet, or any other app you are using in G Suite).

  • Share your thoughts
    Share your grocery lists, to do lists or brainstorm ideas with just a simple click… Or choose to keep it secret. You can change the permissions for every separate note. No extra account or app is needed, you are ready to go with just your Google account.

  • Keep track of your voice memos.
    What if you don’t have the option to write stuff down? We’ll, record it. Keep has a speech-to-text function. It will both save the recording, as well as the transcript.

In a nutshell: Keep has many nice features. The best thing however, is the accessibility of the app itself. You can write and use your notes everywhere, at anytime and in the format that’s the most convenient for that moment. Whether you want to make a note or use it. You can create a huge pile of sticky notes, without losing structure or access.

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