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At CTS, we help build serverless applications for our customers to bring more value to their organisations.

A common misconception people have after hearing the word ‘serverless’ is that it does not consist of a server. Which is not the case. Serverless basically means that you do not have to manage the server. So, instead of running and maintaining your server, you can leverage the functions.

Imagine devoting all of your time building a better application, without having to take care of the servers. This is where serverless can help you out. And this is where we can help you out.

Serverless – simple, scalable and high quality apps

We always get asked how easy is it to develop a serverless app, the answer is: very easy.

Serverless does not mean that we don’t use servers. However, the servers are at Google Cloud, which means we can concentrate on the design and code. Before the arrival of serverless, the focus was on the underlying IT infrastructure. When coding, the infrastructure of the server is paramount, often at the expense of the functionality and user experience.

If you opt for serverless development, we configure your application directly in the serverless environment that you are going to use. As a result, internal complexity is no longer a challenge and your application is ready for use in no-time.

The boundaries between front-end and back-end

Serverless has had a major impact on the development of applications. As a result, the boundaries between front-end and back-end will increasingly blur. Back-end development requires less knowledge of complex issues. The only thing you need is to know what functionalities your customer or employee needs.

Serverless as a SaaS solution – customised for your organisation

If your organisation is looking to replace or expand functionality, by using serverless as a customised system as a service solution you can easily connect to your existing databases and processes. In principle, everything is possible when it comes to serverless execution of your processes.

Whether they start on your website or in a database. Instead of putting the management burden at the centre, primary attention can go to the development of desired functionalities. This way your organisation can focus on core business instead of IT.

Benefits for your organisation

  • Your own infrastructure or management environment is superfluous
  • You easily absorb peak loads because of automatic scaling
  • You only pay for the use of the application and not for management
  • There’s a lot less complexity by direct ‘contact’ of the user with the database
  • Less security risks and the total development time is shorter
  • You always have access to the latest technology
  • Reduce IT management costs
  • There is more room for functional requirements within your project budget when developing your application serverless.

From a development perspective, the benefits are:

  • You no longer need any servers, no VMs or communication with and between these systems
  • Your time and attention no longer goes to maintenance, the uptime or patching the OS of your servers.

Can it be used offline?

At CTS, we’re regularly asked whether a serverless application on an online server can also be used offline. It is certainly possible. When the app is offline, the data will be stored in the application. The changes that a user has made are synchronized with the server as soon as the application is online again.

Complex processes

Our customers choose the benefits of serverless development in terms of: simplicity, speed, security and scalability. In addition, serverless is also suitable for applications in more complex processes.

With the many benefits severless provides, we can expect many businesses and start-ups to deploy the serverless technology in the future.

If you’re interested in going serverless or would like some more information, give our experts a call today.

Stefan Hogendoorn presentation - Google Next’19 San Francisco

Our CTO Stefan Hogendoorn spoke at Google Next, which took place in San Francisco from 9 - 11 April about the technical aspects of serverless development. This includes an example from the Travel sector which gives you an impression of the benefits and how an application works. You can review the presentation here: https://youtu.be/-qR4KC3JwNk

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