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With the increased uptake in remote working, more and more people are turning to Google Meet to stay connected. We’re excited to share some of the latest features Google have implemented to further improve the functionality of their video conferencing platform.

These features use technologies, such as Google AI, to improve the meeting quality during calls and, most importantly, the user experience to create a seamless experience.

Tiled layout for larger calls

The expanded tiled layout now lets web users simultaneously see up to 16 participants at once. This is a great feature for making large meetings more personal as you can connect with many people over video at once. It’s also especially useful if you want to have a better understanding of exactly who is attending the call, without having to manually check the people tab on the right-hand side of the Google Meet screen. Learn how to enable this during your meeting and more on the Google Meet Help Center.

We will continue to see this developing in the future, with more updates for larger meetings, better presentation layouts, and support across more devices coming along.

Present higher-quality video content with audio

Users now have the option to present a Chrome tab (instead of just presenting their window or entire screen). If you need to share high-quality video with audio content in meetings, select this option for the best experience for remote viewers.

You can find a step-by-step tutorial, and other useful tips, here.

Low-light mode

This is a great feature to improve the overall video conferencing experience. Google Meet is now using AI to automatically adjust your video to make you more visible to other participants in below-optimal lighting conditions. This helps if you are having to make a video call when it’s dark outside or if you’re in a space without great lighting.

Noise cancellation

As more and more people are having to balance work with their daily lives at home, this feature can give them peace of mind. Regardless of your surroundings, whether there’s a dog barking or a little child running around the house playing, the active noise cancellation feature will filter out background noise to provide clearer sound quality throughout the call.

Google Meet Gmail integration

An exciting one you’ve probably seen around on social media. With the latest update, you can now join or start a Meet video call from within Gmail itself. You will find this at the bottom left below the label list.

This new feature makes it effortless to stay connected with work colleagues as it is just one button away, removing the need for keeping yet another tab open.

Learn more about how to start a meeting from Gmail here.

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