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Google Sites doesn’t get enough recognition. You’d think it a dream: a drag-and-drop editor for websites, incorporated in Google Drive, easy and intuitive from start to finish… And yet somehow you don’t hear much about it. Google Sites needs more love and I’m more than happy to step up: here, have an accolade, a eulogy, a tribute to this amazing service from Google.

  1. The New Google Sites Isn’t the Old Google Sites

Not a lot of people have heard of Google Sites, and when they do they usually think of websites like this:

I’m sure that was fashionable and following the latest web design fashion back in 2006, when “The Facebook” looked like this…:

…but not so much anymore.


The good news is, the new Google Sites makes your webpage look like this:

And it’s a-ma-zing.

2. It’s Like Google Slides: Only for Sites

You can drag and drop all you want and it all magically becomes responsive! As in: you only create one view for your site, and all of a sudden it looks good on everything from phones to tablets to laptops. And look how obvious all the controls are!

3. Google Sites <3 G Suite

Google Sites is part of G Suite, and it integrates so neatly into all the other services. Insert forms, spreadsheets, slides… And it all updates automatically if you edit the source document. We’ve used it for contact lists (spreadsheets), nice banners (slides), workflow control (forms and spreadsheets), reports (charts from spreadsheets): there are a million ways to make them work together.

Look at this beauty:

Whoever needs backend when you got a beautiful spreadsheets linked to your form?

4. The New Google Sites Has So Many Options

There used to be this slight disadvantage of Google Sites: it didn’t have as many options as the old version, and it was very difficult to transfer an old Google Sites to a new one. No more though!

  • You can now transfer an old Google Sites to a new environment
  • You may not be able yet to customize all the fonts, but you can have custom colors
  • You can now have a loooot of subpages in your hierarchy
  • It is now possible to add a favicon!
  • And don’t forget the newly added search bar…
  • Or the footer option
  • Not to mention that you can now embed other pages AND add custom code!

There truly is no reason to wait.

5. Publish With A Click, Share Like A Doc

Publishing and hosting is not difficult at all with Google Sites. It’s really as simple as the click of a button, namely: “Publish”. All of a sudden your site kan be found online! But only by the people you want, because sharing in Google Sites works just like in the rest of Google Drive: you can choose who can see it, even selecting a whole domain (useful for an intranet!).

Google Sites is part of G Suite, a set of Google collaboration and communication tools including all the Google Drive products. We're happy to give you more information about all those products.

Written by Clara

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