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In order to overcome today's biggest challenges, IT leaders across all sectors have had to quickly adapt and provide efficient solutions to ensure business continuity.

The retail sector has been impacted in many different ways. With UK retail sales dropping by 18.1%, and non-store retailers, such as online-only brands, growing with a record 18% increase in April [1], we're seeing two different sides of the industry face unprecedented times.

The common theme is that brands are looking to reinvent themselves to respond to these challenges. Online card and gift company, Moonpig, has seen 3x more app downloads and a significant increase in demand during this period. In response, they introduced new products, from eCards to a ‘stay at home’ range, which makes up 10% of sales [2].

On this session, you'll be hearing from John Thompson, Director of Technical Operations at Photobox, parent company to a group of brands including Moonpig and Hofmann. He'll be joining CTS COO, Tom Ray, to discuss the effect lockdown has had on their industry.

John will share their learnings from having to quickly enable remote working at scale and how they're keeping their workforce connected. They will also discuss the role technology may play in driving the retail sector forward.

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