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Current global events have impacted organisations, in many different ways. From having to enable a fully remote workforce, quickly to ensuring that their infrastructure can respond to changing demand levels, IT leaders across all sectors have had to overcome many obstacles during this period.

With hotel demand decreasing by 40-50% in different markets around the world [1], and over a third of the population expressing that they'll be spending less on travel and leisure in the next 12 months [2], the hospitality industry has seen the need to quickly adapt and innovate to ensure that they can overcome present challenges.

On this session Village Hotels CTO, Jon Davis, will be joining CTS COO, Tom Ray, to discuss the effect lockdown has had on their industry. Jon will share some of the cultural learnings that they have taken from having to mobilise their workforce quickly. They will also discuss the role technology may play in helping the hospitality sector to adapt and evolve in the future.

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