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Due to the impact of Covid-19, organisations worldwide have had to mobilise millions of employees at great speed in order to support their remote workforce. To ensure connectivity and productivity, businesses have had to quickly procure and deploy a number of SaaS solutions in order to properly equip their employees for working at home for the first time.

While this reaction has ensured business continuity, the speed of these deployments could have very well have left a business exposed to other risks, which present a new set of challenges and threats entirely. Researchers have already observed a 667% increase in phishing attacks with remote workers often being the targets.

Join Chris Collier, Technical Manager at Distology as he discusses how businesses of all sizes can utilise Identity Access Management tools, focusing specifically on industry leader Okta, to deliver the following insight for your business:

Secure and manage SaaS applications
Protect remote workers
Reduce risk exposure

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