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Over half of HR experts state that the biggest hurdle to effective home working is technology [1]. With a growing need for organisations to quickly enable remote working at scale, we want to help you avoid technology becoming a blocker for your team, and ensure that they can continue providing great results while working from home.

On this webinar, you'll be joining a team of cloud transformation experts and remote working specialists, as they discuss:

  • Today's biggest home working challenges
  • How companies can use technology to build a strong home working platform
  • Empowering your team with the right cloud-ready devices
  • Ensuring secure home working at scale

Meet our speakers

Stuart Cummings - Senior Solutions Architect and Head of Pre-Sales at CTS

Roman Sorocan - G Suite Specialist at Google

Simonas Sarauskas - Chrome Team Lead and Partner Manager at CTS

Will Smith - Head of European Operations at Neverware

Chris Collier - Technical Manager at Distology

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