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Data analytics is at the centre of the retail industry, and the main driver is developing more competitive and profitable relationships with customers.

With 35% of the industry centring their data strategy around obtaining better customer insights, and 30% using it to attract new customers [1], it’s evident that retailers are looking to capitalise on this data. But, how can they make sense of these numbers and turn them into business opportunities?

On this webinar, we’ll be using real-life customer examples to show how you can turn these data points into value, and boost customer engagement. Join experts from Google and data visualisation platform, Looker, to learn how you can get an end-to-end engagement and satisfaction platform with BigQuery and Looker, to ensure your customer’s first interaction with your brand is positive.

Meet our speakers

Becky Postlethwaite - Retail Industry Manager at Google Cloud.

Mark Guerin - Enterprise Account Director at Looker.

Jonathan Dungay - Partner Engineer for Looker at Google Cloud.

Enno de Haan - Head of Data & Machine Learning at CTS.


1. Retail trends: Current challenges and priorities in the retail industry

2. Rebalance your technology portfolio towards digital transformation

3. Moving towards proactive analytics: Looker demo of an end-to-end engagement and satisfaction platform for a retail customer

4. Accelerating your modernisation journey: Improving data availability and simplifying the decision-making process for Village Hotels

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