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Government Digital Service (GDS) has established that public cloud 'offers the biggest potential benefits for the public sector' [1]. However, research has shown that only 30% of NHS trusts have started adopting it [2].

Of those that are planning to or have started their move to the cloud, almost half find that determining which workloads they can migrate is a big challenge [3]. But what if you could get started on your cloud journey by extending your existing tools, processes, teams, and skills?

VMware customers estimate a 40% reduction in costs of staff training when migrating to Google Cloud using VMware over migrating to a native public cloud provider.

On this webinar, you'll learn how your organisation can start taking advantage of Google Cloud's highly performant, scalable and secure infrastructure - with your existing VMware Virtual Machines. Join experts from Google and CTS to discover how you can leverage Google's powerful data innovation services and get started on your cloud journey, quickly.


1. The opportunity to maximise cloud benefits: Moving your VMware workloads to Google Cloud in a cost-effective and timely manner

2. Success stories: How others have started building for the future while leveraging their VMware investments

3. The key to a seamless migration: Critical success factors to enable innovation with Google Cloud VMware Engine

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