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Cloud Technology Solutions (CTS) is proud to announce that we have become an official Google Voice reseller, further enhancing our Google Cloud capabilities.

Built on the same technology that powers Google Cloud, Google Voice is smart telephony solution that is already powering millions of telephone numbers and over six billion calls.

CTS can help to guide you through the solution and quickly get you set up with billing, allowing your organisation to stay connected, organised and on task with a simple phone solution, regardless of size.

Latest announcement: ring groups

Google has now launched automatic call routing rules with ring groups in Google Voice. With this update, multiple people in your organisation will be able to make and receive calls from the same Google Voice number.

Ring groups will allow teams to intelligently route incoming calls to the correct person or device. This means that employee groups, like sales or customer service teams, can easily triage and take quick actions on ongoing calls (such as transferring to a team member or another device). Find out more in Google's G Suite updates blog.

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