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In January 2013, Cloud Technology Solutions (CTS) proudly moved into a small office on the 9th floor of Lowry House with a team of 12. After an incredible four years going from strength to strength, and the addition of another 70 team members, it was time to think about new offices to better cater the cohesive and dynamic working environment CTS operate within.

Following the continued and rapid growth of the business, CTS needed a new space that not only made the existing team more comfortable, but to also invite and encourage growth, making it a great space for everyone to work in.

After months of planning CTS finally made the move into the 10th floor in September 2017. It’s safe to say, everyone loves the space and it’s hard to imagine us working in our first office after just a few weeks of being here.

“As a business, we’ve seen tremendous growth so it was only right we moved into a space to reflect that. It wasn’t easy, but I’m so pleased we’re all in, and we all love it.”

Said CFO Hannah Liptrott, who led the office move “Having the whole floor creates a light, spacious, open plan working environment a pleasure to walk into each day. There’s individual working pods, more meeting rooms, breakout and games area’s alongside a kitchen and cafe area meaning lots of new spaces for both individual working, and team collaboration. We’ve also got some fantastic views of Manchester!”

“We’re really excited about our new head office, and we can’t wait to welcome our customers and partners to it soon!”

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