Four Important Reasons For Having A Secure Infrastructure

8 March 2017
Xander Munro

As cloud services become more prevalent, organisations are recognising the increased efficiencies, scalability, resilience and improved cash flow that they bring. So what should you be looking for when considering using this technology as part of your IT infrastructure?

A strong cloud solution should scale to meet your requirements – all the way from minimal instances through to significant amounts of compute and associated infrastructure. Not only this, it should also be able to scale quickly, easily, and automatically. The last thing you want to worry about when working to improve the business is whether the infrastructure can keep pace with the need to innovate and respond to competitive pressures.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) provides organisations with the services and tools to build highly available infrastructure, with options available no matter what the size of your business. These are the key reasons why your infrastructure should be architected correctly:


Google invests heavily in securing its infrastructure. Hundreds of engineers are dedicated to security and privacy distributed across all of Google, including many who are recognised industry authorities. You will have complete control and full visibility of resources running on GCP. You no longer need to worry about data as it is encrypted both at rest and in transit on all Google infrastructure. You’re able to use auto generated encryption keys or provide your own.


Cloud infrastructure horizontally scales on demand to support fluctuating workloads. The adoption of GCP will support your business process changes and is far more cost effective in the long term, only paying for what you use. There will always be extra capacity available, taking no amount of time to add to your infrastructure.

Saving time and money

Running your infrastructure on GCP will allow your organisation to focus on other priorities of the business, and you can also get applications to market quickly without worrying about underlying infrastructure costs or maintenance. Unlike other public cloud providers, Google automatically apply sustained usage discounts to your Google Compute Engine instances. This means you save up to 60% on your compute bill without lifting a finger.

Disaster recovery

If the infrastructure is architected correctly, projects running within GCP can tolerate data centre outages across single or even multi zones. This means that with a consolidated disaster recovery infrastructure, you will be reducing costs and increasing availability.

We take the view that from time to time components will fail. All the infrastructure that CTS build is designed for failure. Our engineers ensure that our platforms can withstand total zone failures without impacting customer infrastructure.


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