Four New Collaboration Features For G Suite

1 September 2017
Xander Munro

Google recently launched their latest update to G Suites productivity apps including Docs, Sheets and Slides. Collaboration is already one of G Suites strong suits, these improvements make it even easier for people to work together whilst improving version control.

Name versions of a Doc, Sheet or Slide

Having a team all working in the same doc is one of the most powerful features of G Suite. Sometimes though you just need to create a version of your own. Now you can name and create your own version within a document. These names can then be tracked when looking the in “Version history” which will help track the progress of documents.

This feature allows collaboration to be more organised and easier to follow. Teams can agree on version titles so you can find out when your collaborators have finished with the file or section of a document, for example “Deirdre’s Final Comments” or “Updates to Methodology Section”. This will give useful insights into collaboration and version updates.

This is a great addition to G Suite. If collaborators select informative Version Titles it will make it easier to monitor changes, and to see which members of the team are contributing to what parts of the document.

Preview “clean versions” of Docs

Track changes are great, but mark up can make it difficult to quickly scan work. This feature will allow you to see what your Doc looks like without comments or suggested edits making it much easier to review and understand. This will make reviewing documents clearer and easier to understand. Collaborators can review their Doc without comments and/or suggestions clogging their view.

Reviewing a document can be difficult when there are lots of comments and suggestions, and it can turn into a longer task than it needs to be. This feature will remove such distractions and losing the flow of the context of the document, and will provide a better viewing experience.

Accept or reject all edit suggestions at once in your Doc

Sometimes, having to go through a document and manually accepting or rejecting edits and comments can take time. With this new feature, users can now implement changes more quickly and can accept or reject all edits in one go. This saves time and is much more efficient. Previously, users had to manually accept or reject each edit, and now all can either be accepted or rejected with one click.

This is a useful new feature but users must review carefully to make sure they wish to accept or reject all edits at once.

Suggest changes in a Doc from an Android, iPhone or iPad device

Collaborating on a document on the move is one G Suites stand out features. Google has made its mobile collaboration even more powerful, allowing users now have the ability to make comments, edits and suggestions any time and from any device. Previously, you could only add suggestions from a desktop or laptop – now you can add suggestions anywhere on any device. As people are becoming more reliant on mobile devices this is a much-needed new feature that users have been waiting for.

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