G Suite Security Updates – More Insights (Part 2)

13 May 2019
Rachel Wood

Here are a few more insights we gleaned from the Google Next 2019 conference to strengthen your cloud data security and minimise the risk to your business.


Increased trust with access transparency

Data transparency is key in building and maintaining trust with your employees, partners and customers. The Access Transparency tool enables administrators to review logs of actions taken by Google staff when accessing user-generated content such as text entered into Gmail, docs, sheets, slides and other apps.

At the conference, Google announced that Access Transparency for G Suite is now available to all admin teams to provide increased trust in cloud data security.

Key benefits

The added benefits allow you to:

  • Verify the reason for data access, such as fixing a fault or attending to your requests.
  • Assist your regulatory audits or data archival needs by viewing and downloading logs containing comprehensive information.
  • Aids other investigations for your business, such as recovering from an outage.


Enhanced email security with the new sandbox

Corrupted or lost files due to a malware infection can cost businesses a huge amount of money and time, and cause irreversible damage to a company’s brand. Automated malware analysis systems, known as sandboxes, are one of the latest tools to help increase email security.

The new security sandbox detects the presence of previously unknown malware in attachments by virtually “executing” them in a private, secure sandbox environment. The tool can also examine the potential consequences on the operating system to determine malicious behaviour.

Key benefits

The added benefits allow you to:

  • Benefit from an additional level of anti-malware protection over and above conventional detection.
  • Quarantine behaviour for potentially malicious emails.
  • Aids business continuity with the prevention of unauthorised use of your data by third parties via malware attacks.


Coming soon…

Google are due to launch a beta program that will enable G Suite admins to dynamically control access to G Suite apps based on a user’s identity and the context of their request. Google has not announced a release date yet, but we’ll keep you posted.


Want to know more?

Watch and listen to the talks from the Google Next 2019 conference on the latest security innovations:  

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