G Suite Security Updates – What You Need To Know (Part 1)

7 May 2019
Rachel Wood

Data security and privacy is a hot topic. More data exists online now than ever before and is anticipated to grow further with our increasing use of technology in the modern world. It’s vital to protect information about both yourself and your business by keeping up-to-date with data security best practices and new tools and features.

At the recent Google Next 2019 conference in San Francisco our CTS team heard first-hand from a number of brilliant Google Cloud keynote speakers about the latest innovations to effectively manage, deploy and develop security models. We gained valuable insights from the sessions on the latest Google Cloud Platform security products and management features for G Suite.


Here the team at CTS have chosen a few of the key security updates which we believe can make a real difference to your business.


Proactive security assessment

With cyber crime on the rise security assessment programs are more important than ever. Regular IT security checks play an important role in preventing data breaches and ensuring your confidential and sensitive information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. This new feature provides an in-depth security evaluation of your Marketplace apps on G Suite.

The assessment includes penetration tests, a deployment review and a policy and procedure review. Plus, the apps that pass the security assessment will display a security badge on their Marketplace listing – this is a great feature to instil confidence in your apps. With the security accreditation you’re clearly demonstrating to your customers that security is important to you and you value their data.

Key benefits

The added benefits allow you to:

  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment of your Marketplace apps.
  • Easily find apps that meet your specific organisational rules and regulations.
  • More quickly identify and assess apps that you can highlight for your users to aid productivity.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to security with the publication of an industry accredited security badge on the Marketplace listing.


New alert management and collaboration features

Early detection of any potential security threats is key to minimise the disruption to your business. G Suite’s Alert Center is an essential tool for administrators to easily view notifications about possible problems to ensure action is taken quickly and effectively.

The latest enhancements introduced by Google are designed to aid the management and collaboration for alerts. A number of new features have been added with status, severity and assignee information now available.

Key benefits

The added benefits allow you to:

  • Improve collaboration between admins and related teams with additional information.
  • Easily find patterns within alerts with more specific search capabilities and surfacing related alerts proactively.


Want to know more?

Contact our team of cloud experts how we can help keep your data secure and prevent unauthorised access to your data.

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