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AOPEN Chromebox Mini


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APOEN Chromebox Mini

The APOEN Chromebox Mini is the smallest enterprise-ready Chromebox today, designed for digital signage, corporate, and kiosks. It’s able to operate 24/7 in tough conditions (up to 40°C).

This media player is capable of driving full HD 1080p content. With a resolution that can be set up to 1920 x 1080 pixels, your content will be of a high standard. This feature marks the players that are capable of delivering content that is fluent and stutter-free.

This device handles shock and vibrations with ease because of its fanless design and EMMC. Because the device has no moving parts, shocks and vibrations are no issue. This means this device is perfect for, for example, moving vehicles: to show transportation information in busses, or to display signage on cruise ships.

This Digital Engine is passively cooled. The cooling ribs on its exterior make sure the device won’t overheat. This means the device doesn’t have moving parts that enhance its reliability. Furthermore, the device is quiet and dustproof.

The extended power switch is an extra value for computing devices that are integrated into kiosks, ceilings, behind screens, or other small spaces that are hard to reach. With this extended switch you are able to operate the power button from a small distance.

Product Specifications

Rockchip RK3288C 1.8GHz Quad Core
16GB EMMC Flash Storage
Video Output
Operating System
Chrome OS

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