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12 Oct 2018

At Qlouder we’ve built many different business applications. From applications to match caretakers and caregivers to entire business platforms that assist employees with their daily tasks. One of the things we learned is the great convenience of serverless development.

Why Serverless?

The term serverless deserves some explanation. With serverless applications you do not have to be involved with infrastructure and maintenance, not as developer, nor as customer. You make use of the existing infrastructure in the cloud. We use the Google Cloud Platform instead of setting up our own server and infrastructure for each client. This has 4 major advantages:

1. No maintenance of servers
No costs of buying a server and no complexity. By using the Google Cloud Platform, Firebase for example, the maintenance will be done by Google. So, you do not have to worry about servers, server rooms, hardware maintenance, the associated safety issues and the recruitment of people who can do so.

2. Faster to market
As a developer you do not have to deal with setting up the hardware and the compatibility between hardware and software. You can focus on the application and the wishes of the customer right away. As customer you don’t have to manage the whole infrastructure either. This saves a lot of time, money, and ensures a focus on your business value . Basically, you’ll be able to hit the market much faster.

3. Scalability
With serverless you don’t have to make large investments in servers or data centres to get a certain capacity. You pay for use. Does only one person use the application? Then you pay for 1 person, and you do not have to run a server that can handle 1,000. Are you suddenly growing unexpectedly and do you have 10,000 users? The application simply scales up or down.

The use of the cloud is not only simpler and faster, it’s also more reliable. Your data is spread over many locations, Google Cloud Platform locations with many built-in security measures. This prevents for example Ransomware to take over. And above all: in the unlikely event of a fire breaking out or someone breaking into your office, your data is still safe.

In short, the development of serverless applications is, in our opinion, the best way to help companies move forward. It provides great benefits in terms of innovation. Sure, every solution should be tailored to the companies needs, which can mean you should use hybrid cloud or another custom made solution, but generally we dare to say that by not investigating serverless, we would rob our customers from faster and more flexible innovation.

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