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Organisations of all sizes, from start-ups to SMEs and enterprise companies, have recognised the importance of moving to the cloud, and have embraced Google G Suite’s collaboration tools to increase efficiency and improve cash flow throughout their IT organisation.

At CTS, we understand that for companies with more complex legacy on-premise infrastructure or advanced identity management requirements, it can still remain a challenge to meet the collaboration needs of users while ensuring appropriate levels of compliance and security. CTS have teamed up with Okta, secure identity management and single sign-on provider, to allow you to access applications on any device, at any time, while still enforcing strong security protections within G Suite.

G Suite enables your business to collaborate, store files online and easily share them. With G Suite growing rapidly and continuing to enhance its apps and features regularly, it has proved to be the most popular app on the Okta Integration Network. Okta offers G Suite users unique functionality for automation and user experience, leading to long term cost savings for your organisation.

Adaptive security to protect your data

There are many issues that can arise for IT departments when trying to provision users into G Suite and other cloud applications, such as timely manual processes, security risks, and not to mention the hidden costs some companies may be unaware of.

Protecting data is more important than ever with hackers finding it easier to get hold of users’ passwords. A good password recovery flow requires an in-depth approach, and an additional security measure on top. User accounts forgetting their passwords is the main cause for password resets, which is a time-waster for your IT department, and an easy target for hackers. Okta offers an environment that will help users remember their passwords, and where they only need to remember one to access multiple services and apps that they use.

Okta integrates G Suite with Active Directory for fast, reliable single sign-on and provisioning to all your web and mobile apps, with a full-featured federation engine and flexible access policy, with the ability to add an additional security layer to your users’ accounts that will protect your data for customers and employees.

Seamless integrated provisioning in G Suite

Lifecycle Management tools enable you to automate all lifecycles with any business process for external and internal users, and easily configure off boarding workflows and automate all processes to ensure control within your teams. Real-time user provisioning generated by your preferred HR system or application, and the integration to Active Directory or LDAP including extended rich profiles, group push, and license and role assignment all in one place will ensure your processes are more manageable and secure.

By integrating Okta’s Lifecycle Management with G Suite, you can automate user provisioning, profile updates, and deprovisioning, easily configuring all processes to ensure control within your teams. with the ability to extend the power of provisioning to your custom applications using SCIM and get automated provisioning for any application using the cloud or on-prem provisioning SDK.

With Okta’s integration to G Suite, companies can now give end users the productivity tools they frequently use together with the identity and lifecycle management capabilities that ensure compliance and provide security, by maintaining tight control over users, apps, network, and data.

Discover how automated provisioning and security analytics can make the apps you already use even better and book your place on our web demo on Wednesday 19th September here.

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