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Judopay worked with CTS to migrate its entire IT infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform (GCP). CTO and board advisor Robert Howes explains the process and why migrating to the cloud is the right move for his organisation.

Judopay provide end-to-end payment solutions for eCommerce, mCommerce and app-based commerce.

With a key focus on delivering the best possible payment experience for the consumer – they ensure they offer the simplest, most convenient, and most importantly, secure way to help your business take card payments and digital payments online, in-app and on mobile devices.


Judopay is going through a significant period of growth and we wanted to update our infrastructure to support this business expansion and create a flexible, agile platform for the future.

As a payments processor, Judopay are focused on shaping the future of mobile payment and digital commerce. We’re striving to change the way people pay using the power of digital technology. We work with consumer focused businesses that are looking to enhance the consumer shopping experience. Businesses, new or longstanding, that are disrupting their market, or breaking new ground. For this reason, Judopay need to be able to innovate quickly to support the needs of its customers.

Moving to the cloud will allow our business to react faster than our peers and continually innovate by providing additional resource capability to deliver on innovation opportunities as they present themselves.


As a fintech organisation, security was a top priority for us. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offers a host of security benefits that are significantly harder to manage at scale using physical infrastructure.

Our technology has been recognised as some of the best in the industry. We plan our infrastructure 12 months in advance to add value to the customers and businesses we bring onboard every day. The migration to Google Cloud Platform helps our IT systems be agile enough to build quickly to meet the needs of our ever-developing customers.

The main challenge for us was the time frames we had to work within. The team was concerned that moving to the cloud would be time-consuming and potentially redirect a lot of manpower from other projects.

The expertise gap was also a factor, having not been through this process as a business before. To fill that gap, we decided to work with a partner rather than building all the expertise in-house. We needed to find a partner to provide us with the knowledge and experience to migrate and adapt our IT systems.

CTS addressed both of these challenges for us. By working with an expert partner, we have managed to minimise any disruption to our business and streamline the process to make it the most efficient.

The team at CTS came highly recommended by Google. Their experts have in-depth knowledge of GCP, they have helped us to design a whole new infrastructure and achieve the future-proofing our business was looking for from an IT perspective.

In the planning stage, CTS worked with Judopay to create a comprehensive statement of works, researching our current infrastructure and understanding our goals, allowing them to create a solution tailored to our needs. It’s also important to prepare for any unforeseen issues that might arise, although obviously these can’t be planned for! Be clear on the expertise you have in-house and how this blends with your chosen partner. Open communication with a knowledgeable partner is critical for success.

It is also important to choose a team of people that are easy to work with and will act as a true extension of your business. CTS has a clear partnership ethos, which allowed them to properly integrate with our company. This should be essential when looking for the right partner, as you will be working with them for some time.

The benefits that GCP offers makes it the ideal solution for our growing company. GCP’s security, scalability and competitive pricing, coupled with CTS’ expertise made it a winning combination. Judopay is delighted with the results so far, and excited to use this change in infrastructure to continue innovating ahead of the market in the future.




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