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A stroke is a serious life-threatening medical condition that occurs when the blood supply to part of the brain is cut off. 1 in 6 people will suffer from a stroke in their lifetime. With 6 million of the estimated 15 million victims worldwide will die from one every year, and another 6 million will be permanently disabled for the remainder of their life. To minimize the immense burden of this devastating disease, physicians are faced with the challenging task to quickly evaluate brain images to initiate treatment as soon as possible. Nico.lab’s groundbreaking technology enables fast and accurate image analysis that helps physicians in making well-informed decisions.

Nico.lab developed StrokeViewer® to support the complex process of clinical decision-making in a world where every minute counts.


Every second matters when treating a stroke. A stroke leads to a quick death of that part of the brain if left untreated. Swift action is required to limit the damage done. We partnered with Nico.lab and Google in their commitment to dramatically accelerate the stroke treatment process. By reducing the time it takes to share CT scans between hospitals to just a few minutes, we want to increase the chance on successful treatment.


Together with Google and Nico.Lab we aim to drastically shorten the process time. Nico.lab develops algorithms that quickly analyze CT scans and detect deviations. These algorithms result in enormous time savings.

CTS supports Nico.lab in this mission by providing the infrastructure required to do the analyses. To enable doctors and the algorithms to analyze the scan, you want to have the DICOM-images available within your system as soon as possible.

Following an extensive evaluation of the different cloud platforms available, it showed that Google Cloud Platform (GCP) guarantees the highest speed. We built the SaaS application that makes the images quickly accessible for both the ML model and the doctors in the various cooperating hospitals such as StrokeNet.

In addition, doctors are notified when a new scan appears. This saves doctors tens of minutes, when every second matters.

Hospitals can easily share their CT scans without the need for additional infrastructure, cutting time from hours to minutes. Every hour saved increases the chance of successful treatment by 15%.

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