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Now that homeworking has become the new normal, join us, Google experts, and fellow technology innovators for an exclusive roundtable session where we'll share success stories and tips on embedding this new working style.

In this interactive session, you'll join fellow senior decision-makers in discussing how they were able to successfully mobilise their workforce for working remotely, some of the challenges they had to overcome and the lessons they learnt along the way. We'll also be asking the question as to what these new ways of working leave the and some of the impacts it is having on company culture.

Whilst we’d love to hold this discussion over dinner with you, we appreciate that right now that just isn’t possible. So, in return for your participation in our discussion, your next takeaway on us. Treat yourself or treat the family with a £30 voucher from Deliveroo or Just Eat, or chose to donate it to the Feed our Heroes campaign.


Thursday, April 30th 12:00 - 13:00

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