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20 January 2015
Julian Desert

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News release 19 January 2015

Cloud Technology Solutions (CTS) today highlighted the key part they are playing in the project to migrate a central Government department to Google Apps, as James Doggart, managing director of CTS explained. “We are a new breed of Cloud delivery specialist, so we were delighted to be selected by the department as their partner for the Google Apps migration. This selection took place via the new G-Cloud framework that enables specialist SMBs like CTS to work with government departments.”

With more than 2,400 employees the department is looking to make significant cost savings for the taxpayer by migrating from outsourcing contracts to an in-house service run by a CTO. “Google Apps is a key component of this”, continued James, “as it enables their employees to work how they want and for the better.”

The move followed an earlier pilot where the collaboration capabilities of Google Apps came to the fore for one team, who regularly collaborated on a briefing presentation, as a Business analyst on the Cabinet Office Technology Programme, explained. “Normally this would mean emailing versions back and forth, combined with waiting for changes to be made, with documents inevitably getting out of sync. During the trials they were able to work on the same document at the same time, from multiple locations – resulting in higher quality output, achieved faster.”

As the partner of choice for the project, CTS consultants are working closely with the departmental team to migrate the data from their existing system into Google Apps. They also deal with change management issues and training enabling a smooth and successful outcome to the project. The new infrastructure is completely Cloud based which will enable the Government to easily move to another supplier if they are not happy with the service they are receiving.

James Doggart concluded, “We are pleased that we have been able to help the Government achieve their goals with regard to implementing Google Apps across the department. As an SMB we would not have been considered for a project like this in the past despite the extensive experience and experience we have in implementing Google Apps for organisations of all sizes worldwide. The flexibility in the new G-Cloud agreement enables the Government to enjoy the cost savings of working with an agile and innovative organisation like CTS”.

About CTS:

Cloud Technology Solutions (CTS) are a leading provider of Google Apps for Work solutions that transform organisations while reducing costs. They are trusted by many well-known businesses, government and education establishments around the world to help them take full advantage of the Google Apps for Work collaborative cloud environment. CTS deliver a complete range of Google Apps services and their own innovative software products to millions of users on the move including: CloudMigrator mailbox and data migration, Google Apps adoption and training, change management, enterprise support and CloudPages user management.

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