Google Has Launched The Team Drive Early Adopter Program. Here’s How To Gain Access…

25 November 2016
Xander Munro

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Team Drives has arrived and gives businesses the ability to control content as well as share and manage files at team level within Google Drive rather than with individual users.

Team members can save documents to their Team Drives which then gives instant access to other users within that group and restricts access to others within the organisation.

This not only gives more granular control over content, it ensures new staff members get immediate access to the files they will need and if someone leaves the organisation, their files are still accessible to those with access to that group.

Google has been testing Team Drives with a number of customers and has now announced a wider roll out as part of an early adopter programme (EAP).

This is a great addition to the functionality of Google Drive and will give our customers the ability to control their data in a more structured way and at the same time streamline workflow in several areas including on and off boarding users.

Migrate to Team Drives

Our world-leading migration software CloudMigrator can be used to migrate to Team Drives or even consolidate your existing Google Drive shared folders into one or many Google Team Drives.

We’ll be releasing full details soon on how to migrate to Team Drives, so please follow us on Twitter or keep an eye on the CloudMigrator website.

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