Google Sheets Introduces Macros

23 April 2018
Rachel Wood

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Google announced that they have finally introduced macros in Sheets on Wednesday 11th April. This update makes it easier to automate repetitive tasks in its spreadsheets tool.

Basically, macros are an essential tool for those who use spreadsheets as it saves a lot of time and is ultimately a very powerful feature.

Google has been focused on making their app better for professional and business users, which is why they’ve recently added new features to help teams and users to analyse and draw insights from their data faster.

Another update they’ve added includes a way to record macros in the cloud to automate repetitive tasks, as well as more formatting options.

An example on how this can benefit users is if you need to format new data imports or build the same chart across multiple sheets of quarterly data. Repeating the same steps manually can take hours, but the Sheets macro recorder allows you record those actions and play them back on command without having to write any code.

By introducing macros in Google Sheets, Google are clearly committed to growing and enhancing their apps for business users, and will always help companies automate work by approaching these features differently; cloud-first.

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