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Startpagina / Blog / Google To Acquire Analytics Startup Looker

On June 6, Google announced its going to acquire data analytics tool maker Looker, paying $2.6 billion to add the company to Google Cloud.

Looker is a unified platform for business intelligence, data applications, and embedded analytics. The deal is expected to close later this year, at which point Looker will become part of Google Cloud, helping serve Google customers a more comprehensive analytics solution.

The business analytics software enables companies to define past and current data by applying statistical analysis, data mining and quantitative analysis to spot trends. Business intelligence uses the results to create predictive models, including data visualisations and other capabilities.

There are many reasons why Google acquired Looker. Firstly, Looker will help Google to provide its customers with a more complete analytics solution. As businesses seek to leverage all their data in order to make more informed decisions, demand for data analytics is on the rise. And secondly, this acquisition will also advance its commitment to a multi-cloud strategy, where Google Cloud customers will be able to easily access cloud services from other vendors, and vice versa.

Data and analytics, including machine learning and AI, are at the heart of most companies’ digital transformation, understanding that by becoming more insights-driven will allow them to make better business decisions.

Last month, Google announced a partnership with Informatica, a data integration provider, bringing data-management tools to Google Cloud services, including storage platforms and market-analytics applications. It’s easy to see they’re making some great business decisions to enhance their customers’ experience and transformation.

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