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Startpagina / Nieuws / CTS Announced As Google Cloud Enterprise Collaboration Specialisation Partner

We’re excited to announce that Cloud Technology Solutions (CTS) has achieved the Enterprise Collaboration Partner Specialisation in the Google Cloud Partner Specialisation Program.

This Partner Specialisation has really proven our teams’ expertise and success in building customer solutions in the Enterprise Collaboration field by using Google Cloud Platform (GCP) technology.

At CTS, our team will help you transform your business processes and operations with an agility and flexibility that wasn’t possible before with the cloud. Using Google Cloud Platform technology, our experts drive organisations forward by leveraging the scalability, security and big data capabilities of GCP. The Google Cloud Partner Specialisation Program is designed to provide Google Cloud customers with qualified partners that have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven success in specialized solution and service areas.

CTS has demonstrated significant success deploying G Suite to enterprise organisations, which includes providing services across all the project workstreams (i.e. Governance, Technical, People, Process and Support).

James Doggart, CEO and founder of Cloud Technology Solutions, added, “We’re really happy to be chosen as the first, leading Enterprise Collaboration Partner Specialisation in the EMEA. It really shows the incredible work that our team have been doing and proves our expertise within the field.”

He also stated, “We work with a wide range of companies from large private businesses, as well as the public sector, retail and finance, helping transform their organisations with innovative cloud solutions. It’s great to be a part of the Google Cloud Partner Specialisation Program and have Google appreciate our work.”

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