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Bruntwood is a family-owned and run property company that specialises in creating the right environments for a wide variety of businesses to succeed.

Operating for over 40 years and with more than 800 people in their team, they now own over 100 landmark properties across four UK cities. In these buildings, they’re providing conventional office space, serviced and virtual offices, meeting rooms and retail premises to companies across a range of different business sectors.


In 2012, Bruntwood was facing a choice with regard to its email platform as Paul Bamber, Technology Director at the company, explained: “We were unhappy with our previous way of working and knew we needed to replace the system.”

With their previous system, approximately 40 calls were being logged every month to their help desk, which equated to 11 hours of support time. They wanted a solution that would help minimise the time spent on IT support and simplify the way they worked.


Bruntwood looked at a number of options before deciding to go with G Suite. Paul outlined the reasons for this decision: “We liked the fact that it was secure and reliable with guaranteed SLAs and could run on any device. Furthermore, the licensing model was transparent and easy to understand so we could see exactly what we would with every license.”

And when it came to finding a company to assist them on their journey, the team was looking for a partner that would truly understand their needs and guide them through the entire process. Kirk Shaw, Head of IT at Bruntwood, explains: “When it comes to choosing partners, a strong point of consideration for Bruntwood has always been around customer service and the knowledge that a company can bring. CTS excels in both of those areas.”

Additionally, Kirk added: “It’s the expertise that CTS have that fills you with a lot of confidence. Everyone in the meetings has always been very knowledgeable, which reassures you that they’re the best for the job.”

The transformation started with a pilot. This enabled Bruntwood to thoroughly test the migration process and the product working in a live environment, ensuring a smooth operation when the full migration took place. We then recommended them to select and train a number of Google Champions who would act as support for internal staff after the migration. In addition, they also ran a number of overview training sessions so that all their staff would be familiar with G Suite before the actual changeover.

“Their expertise and the CloudMigrator tool were vital in ensuring a seamless migration for our 450 users over one weekend in Feb 2013,” explained Paul. “They managed the whole process, making it painless and trouble-free.”

After having the solution in place for a number of months, Bruntwood began to see the benefits, as Paul explained: “As an email platform it is much easier to manage and administrate, with no need for patching or updates. Its reliability and the fact that it is easy to use means that we have got back the 11 hours we were losing on support calls every month; allowing our IT staff to focus on more strategic tasks.”

The staff have really embraced the product, and are using the collaborative functions like Google Docs and Google Drive to improve productivity and workflow. In only two months they have over 30,000 documents stored in the cloud, which can be accessed by any member of staff from anywhere and on any device.

“We are also using applications like Hangouts to help us overcome one of the biggest challenges we face as a business, which is communication. It allows us to increase face to face communication and keep staff across the company informed of key projects and events, which in turn help strengthen the culture we pride ourselves on at Bruntwood – which is being creative and innovative and working as a team,” shared Paul.

When it comes to describing their collaboration with CTS, Kirk shared: “When you compare CTS to other partners Bruntwood has worked with, we like a company to be innovative, bringing on different solutions. CTS do that very well. That’s a huge driver for us.”

Additionally, Bruntwood calculated a saving of £36,000 over 3 years, something which, on its own, would make the changeover worthwhile.

Adopting G Suite is just the beginning of Bruntwood’s digital transformation. Currently, they’re looking to continue their journey by migrating to GCP, with the support of CTS.

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