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As one of the UK’s leading home assistance providers, HomeServe brings home emergency and repair services to eight million homes worldwide.

HomeServe was first established as a joint venture with South Staffordshire Water in 1993 and, since then, HomeServe Group has been delivering home assistance to its customers across the UK and internationally.

HomeServe pride themselves for having a reputation for trust and excellence that spans the globe. Their team of talented employees share the same goal to keep their Customers lives moving and free them from the worry of home emergencies and repairs, and they feel that going Google was the right choice for HomeServe, as the technology suite matches their employee people engagement.


Previously working on a traditional Microsoft Exchange 2010 Office suite, and working with an on-premise Sharepoint, HomeServe found themselves struggling with an end-user cloud strategy.

HomeServe had challenges around stability and recognised a real need to develop a modern cloud strategy that would provide enhanced capabilities to their people which, in turn, would increase collaboration and efficiency within their teams. This led them to a decision to start looking at other cloud options such as Office 365, and of course, G Suite.

After quickly recognising the benefits of Google’s G Suite and how it could help to improve collaboration within their business, this then became more of a ‘People Project’ for Homeserve. Matt Hollis, Head of Technology from Homeserve said; “With the functionality of G Suite’s editing tools our teams are able to work and collaborate at the same time, we quickly saw the benefits in this for our people and our customers.”


HomeServe decided to make the move to G Suite to drive their business forward by transforming the way they work. With such a change across the organisation, they wanted to work with a company that would help implement the technology and embrace the smarter way of working.

When they came across CTS, it was their engagement that became the key driver to going Google. Matt said “CTS were running the ‘Google bus’ at the time, which we loved. It was good to have something physical that you can bring on-site to get our people involved and excited about the project. It was that type of thought process that really helped us choose CTS and go Google.”

After closing down Sharepoint with high levels of adoption on Google Drive, they modified the standard rollout methodology to best suit them; “using previous methodologies enabled us to manage change curves better due to the pace G Suite is being delivered. CTS has been very much focused on the training and deployment with their brilliant team on site, I’ve particularly got to mention Dan, Chris, Mark and James, who have all been part of that great training team working so hard to ensure the People Project is a success. Everybody feels supported, and that’s been really important."

CTS and the HomeServe project team have been helping out and getting teams to get used to the change of technology.

With a great support system across the deployment, their teams were helping colleagues to understand and use the tools, Matt continued; “everyone picked it up so easily because of how well Google Drive works, and we're really impressed with how well sharing works across devices – how intuitive it is. It’s such an easy product to use, and easy to get the benefit from.”

The success of the deployment has had a huge impact on HomeServe, especially in the way they work. Their key focus was to provide their people with the right tools that will allow them to work flexibly with cloud-based apps; and by using Google Hangout and Meets this allows their people to collaborate more, which reflects their working culture. With already seeing a massive ROI, and benefits such as uptime and scaling, HomeServe is devising projects that will be used on Google Platform to reduce spend, costs and work more efficiently.

Matt said “I think it’s really important, especially when talking about projects, to talk about the people involved. It’s the people from CTS and Google that made the decision for us. Yes, there’s this great technology. However, the engagement we’ve had from them has been great.”

Working with CTS, HomeServe migrated over 3100 users over to G Suite and helped their people to collaborate and work more efficiently within the organisation. This is helping to drive innovation and transform the way they work, whilst saving time and money.

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