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HomeServe launched Leakbot, an innovation created by HomeServe labs, a smart connected device that works 24/7, monitoring homes for hidden leaks and bursts to help protect against escape of water damage.

Leakbot contains patented Thermi-Q technology, which means a single unit can detect a mains water leak anywhere around the home. Once a leak has been detected, it alerts you via mobile phone, and can automatically schedule a plumber to visit at a time that suits.


Leakbot is an IOT device that clips onto your water pipe in order to detect a leak in your home before you see it. Created by Homeserve, one of the UK’s leading home assistance providers, they began building Leakbot on Azure, however they needed help in scaling and were searching for tools that would help them build a data warehouse for data mining, and quickly came to the decision to explore the capabilities of Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

LeakBot’s unique wireless communication technology has the capacity to connect millions of homes to the ‘Internet of things’ for the first time, moving Connected Home out of the early adopter stage, and making it a reality for customers. They are committed to making their customers’ lives easier and ensuring they deliver the best, and needed to ensure they were choosing the right cloud platform for them and their technology.

Throughout their research, the team at Leakbot were in contact with CTS, as they are already a customer through Homeserve who they helped migrate over to Google’s G Suite, and therefore decided to work with them based on their already great partnership and trust in their cloud experts. Krystian Pasich, Senior Backend Developer at LeakBot explains; “the project went so well between HomeServe and CTS, that it was a no brainer to work with them again on this project. They’re one of the best Google experts out there.”

After looking at the many benefits GCP has to offer, Leakbot decided they wanted to move to GCP. On behalf of Leakbot, the CTS team were able to leverage best of breed infrastructure for auto-scaling, auto recovery, data warehousing and machine learning. Krystian said “BigQuery for data warehousing and machine learning with TensorFlow are some of the best tools in the industry. We also chose GCP for its flexibility, scalability, and ease of use. We have peace of mind knowing that Google Cloud takes security very seriously.”


CTS were asked to build a consistent, scalable and repeatable environment on GCP for the backend LeakBot services to ensure they have the best technology to provide for their customers.

The team at CTS used Terraform to safely provision and manage multi-cloud infrastructure at any scale, and Puppet for configuration management. In the end delivering an application rather than setting Leakbot up the cloud, allowing them to not be completely tied to a cloud vendor.

CTS then added a logging and monitoring stack which sends pings of tests to a system to ensure it’s running at all times so Leakbot can always have peace of mind that everything is running the way that it should. “What they have done, the technology used - has been so smart. We really trust that CTS has provided us with a great infrastructure and monitoring to ensure we can provide the best quality service to our customers.”

CTS helped Leakbot migrate to GCP as smooth and as fast as possible, supporting them through the whole process and build the system they needed to take their technology to the next level.

Krystian explains “The CTS team have been great to work with - they’ve really gone above and beyond to ensure the project was delivered on time and communication has been great. It became a partnership.”

“It was a difficult timeline, but the team were still able to deliver on time, support and backfilled the test environment in order for us to go live.”

With already seeing great benefits such as up time and scaling, Homeserve Labs believe that they made the right decision to go with Google Cloud Platform. Working with CTS, Leakbot platform have successfully deployed onto GCP as well as penetration tested the environment by one of the most renowned security experts to identify any security vulnerabilities and provide the most secure, safe and seamless technology for their customers.

Krystian said “I’m really happy I am working with CTS. They’re a great team and we managed a first great milestone in our partnership. Now we can focus on scaling, growing and building new functionality in our project to serve our customers as best as possible. Great job guys!”

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