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By recognising, acknowledging and rewarding people, they feel more involved with a brand. The idea for Fanly originated from this experience; connecting entrepreneurs with their (local) customers (again). With this connection businesses can increase the loyalty of their customers, enlarge their customer base and subsequently reach a structural higher profit. Fanly is a young company that offers this chance for growth by offering their platform as solution to create the connection with customers. CTS built this scaleable fundament of the Fanly-platform with the Firebase technology on the Google Cloud Platform.

The Solution

Because of the ambitions of Fanly, a scaleable platform is essential. This enables quick growth, but also scaling down when it disappoints. To build the underlying architecture, CTS used Firebase on the scaleable Google Cloud Platform. This enabled the opportunity to build a rich database. “CTS goes further than building the platform, they created the basis upon which we can realise our goals.”, Jord Cuiper, CEO of Fanly, says. “It’s all about privacy, security and availability for our data. We have a stable system on which we easily cluster available data, run queries and present the gathered insights on shoplevel. A part of our proposition is offering insights on who are regular customers, how often they return and what their preferences are. Moreover, we can show retailers exactly how many more products they sell thanks to the loyalty program.”

The Future

Within the next period CTS is migrating the platform to BigQuery, also on the Google Cloud Platform. This way Fanly is able to keep running quick and in-depth analyses in the long run. On Fanly’s website our Data-analist Hannah explains more about the data-part of this project and why you can compare this system with the transition from cassettes to Spotify:“Thanks to Firebase I can analyse and predict the behavior of savers,and use this to trigger the customers on the right moment.” (Dutch-only)

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