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By recognising, acknowledging and rewarding people, they feel more involved with a brand. The idea for Fanly originated from this experience; connecting entrepreneurs with their (local) customers (again). With this connection, businesses can drive customer loyalty and engagement, enlarge their customer base and subsequently drive business growth.

Fanly is a young company that offers a platform where retailers can interact with their customers via a mobile and web app, with a focus on data collection and analysis to facilitate customer-driven decision making.


Fanly was looking for a partner that would understand their specific requirements and help them create a scalable data collection and analytics platform to help retailers drive customer spending through customer experiences and loyalty.

Because of their growth ambitions, scalability was an essential requirement for this platform. They needed enough room to quickly grow or scale down depending on demand.


Since the ability to scale up and down was essential, CTS decided to use Firebase on GCP to build the underlying architecture. This allowed us to build a multi-tenant loyalty SaaS solution that allows retailers to target and personalise content based on demographics and individual user behaviour.

When it comes to describing the collaboration and the work we've done together, Jord Cuper, CEO of Fanly, said; “CTS goes further than building the platform, they created the basis upon which we can realise our goals."

Additionally, Jord added: "It’s all about the privacy, security and availability of our data. We have a stable system on which we easily cluster available data, run queries and present the gathered insights on shoplevel. A part of our proposition is offering insights on who are regular customers, how often they return and what their preferences are. Moreover, we can show retailers exactly how many more products they sell thanks to the loyalty program.”

The next step for us will be to help Fanly migrate their platform to BigQuery, also on the Google Cloud Platform. This way, Fanly will be able to keep running quick, in-depth analyses in the long run.

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