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Nmcn (Formerly known as North Midland Construction) delivers major built environment and critical national infrastructure projects across the UK.

They have specialist engineering and construction teams that bring multi-sector innovation and technical skill to every project – from building and highways, to large-scale water networks and treatment plants.


Nmcn is dedicated to finding the right people with the right skills to join their company. Therefore, they wanted to adopt recruitment software to improve their recruitment process, both for their applicants and their people.

After looking at their options, they quickly made the decision to go with Google G Suite’s recruitment software for G Suite, Hire.

With Hire, you just need to integrate it into existing G Suite applications and it instantly simplifies the hiring process. Karen Morris, HR Director commented, “Using Hire will help our internal recruiters and hiring managers find the right applicants who fit our purpose and culture here at nmcn.”


Hire is the only recruiting system with intelligent search capabilities specifically tuned for recruiting, and also allows extensive customisation of the hiring process based on the role being recruited for making your recruitment process faster and more collaborative.

Karen continued, “We are delighted to become the first company in our industry to take this innovative step and partner with Hire by Google.

We process in the region of 19,000 applications a year and Hire will provide us with the platform to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of this process for all involved.”

With the help of CTS and Google, nmcn has been able to easily implement Hire and aim to continue to improve our recruitment process for our applicants and our people.

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