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Transcom is a global customer experience specialist that provides customer care, sales, technical support and collections services through their extensive network of contact centres and work-at-home agents.

With over 26,000 specialists at 50 contact centres across 20 countries, they deliver services in 33 languages to a range of international brands across all industries.


As a company that relies on a range of KPIs, obtained from over 1.5 million customer interactions every day, having access to real-time analytics is vital to provide the best experience possible and gain a stronger competitive advantage.

After making the strategic decision to use Google Cloud technology, Transcom needed a partner with the necessary expertise to accelerate delivery and empower their in-house team with the right tools and knowledge to embark on this data journey and continue advancing their solutions internally in the most agile way.


When it came to finding the right cloud provider, it was clear to Transcom that Google had the best technology to support their vision to evolve into an agile, data-driven organisation.

Stefan Berg, Chief Technology Officer at Transcom, explained: “Google Cloud Platform and BigQuery enable us to provide the best experience to our customers in the most efficient way possible”. From making sure that the most suitable agent picks up the call, all the way to suggesting the right solution or highlighting an upselling opportunity, Google’s AI technology can add value in many different ways by providing real-time insights at scale.

However, in order to truly maximise Google Cloud’s potential, it was essential for Transcom to work with a team that could help them establish the right foundation for their data journey. “The team we started with had limited experience on Google Cloud, so working closely with CTS was instrumental to transfer the right knowledge,” said Stefan. “It was CTS relevant experience and their single focus on Google that made the decision easy for us.”

“We needed a partner with the proven ability to understand how to leverage the latest technology from Google, and having worked with CTS previously, it made sense to continue working together for this project.”

Transcom’s general approach to drive digital transformation is to apply agile thinking. With the end goal to create a corporate-wide data lake and reporting platform, they decided to start with an exploratory MVP approach to get more insights into what the best technical design and ways of working would be. Working with CTS on this MVP was foundational to scale up the efforts in the next steps.

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