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VidaXL is a rapidly-growing international online retailer, offering a range of products in categories like furniture, home and garden, sporting goods, hardware and much more. They’re currently present in 31 different markets including North America, Europe and Australia.

The company was founded in 2006 and has over 1600 people in offices and warehouses around the world, including their headquarters in Venlo, Netherlands. With a global presence, they’re continuously expanding their offering to include more product groups, reach new channels and new markets.


VidaXL’s on-premise IT infrastructure was hindering their growth. They needed a solution that would provide them with scalability on demand, world-class performance, high availability and resilience while supporting their long-term vision of becoming a data-driven company.

After assessing a move to the cloud, VidaXL realised that they were lacking the expertise internally to take full advantage of Google Cloud’s potential. They needed a partner that could maximise their resources, help them make the most of their investment and provide managed services to support their growth.


VidaXL had a clear vision: they wanted to modernise all their business units in the most cost-effective and flexible way, and they needed a trusted partner to turn this into reality.

Ted van Dongen, CIO at VidaXL, explains the reasons for choosing CTS: “We chose CTS firstly, because they are a dedicated Google Premier partner and they have the right expertise in this space, and secondly, because of the personal aspect. To us, developing a partnership is about finding an organisation that shares our vision and has a can-do attitude. After speaking to CTS, it was clear that they were the right partner to make this vision a reality.”

“It’s about the specialised Google Cloud knowledge CTS has, the fact that they’re a dedicated Google partner, but also it’s about the people and the way we work together. That’s what makes this a successful long-term partnership.”

Migrating to Google Cloud Platform provides VidaXL with the opportunity to implement solutions that will help their business grow in an agile way. CTS has built a fully automated platform that allows VidaXL to make use of the on-demand nature of Google Cloud for all workload types. Whether it be e-commerce web services, Big Data or the services in between, the CTS built and managed platform provides the VidaXL teams with the resources they need to move quickly.

As part of this collaboration, the team at CTS are helping them modernise each of their business units, their data centre environment and all their data, using Infrastructure as Code, Kubernetes and managed services where possible from Google. This means that VidaXL will be able to take advantage of Google Cloud’s potential in the most cost-efficient way possible. Ted added: “This is really supporting our flexibility and growth in a way that aligns with our long-term strategy."

Ensuring long-term success with MSP

Additionally, CTS provides VidaXL with managed services, helping them maximise their continued investment in Google Cloud. Working in partnership with CTS allows the in-house VidaXL team to focus on adding value to the company and boosting their growth while CTS takes care of the underlying infrastructure and GCP services.

Ted said: “Partnering with CTS allows us to focus on what’s really important to us: growth. It allows us to focus on strategic tasks that will continue taking our business forward, while our partners help us manage our underlying infrastructure."

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