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Village Hotels is UK-based, with hotels in England, Wales and Scotland. Founded in 1995 and employing over 1700 members of staff, the business runs 31 hotels across the country.

As well as accommodation, Village Hotels’ sites include food and drink facilities, workspaces and meeting rooms and fitness and wellness clubs.


After partnering with CTS to improve the way the business managed its data, Village Hotels needed support with improving productivity and operations across the business.

Village Hotels’ IT system was almost entirely on-premise and this meant that staff had to travel long distances up and down the country to collaborate in person for internal meetings. The company wanted a more efficient, intelligent and streamlined way to work that could improve connectivity and productivity across the business and reduce travel time for staff without impacting collaboration.


To move the hotel chain away from its on-premise IT system, CTS migrated 1700 named plus over 500 shared Village Hotels’ users to G Suite, allowing all staff to communicate seamlessly across the business using applications that are accessible by everyone. To improve collaboration further, CTS provided the business with Chrome devices to empower their team, making it even easier for them to work together.

Jon Davis, CTO at Village Hotels said: “Collaboration was really important to us. We had employees on the road a lot as they travelled from site to site, and we wanted to reduce that while still ensuring they could easily collaborate. G Suite and Chrome have been key enablers in facilitating how we all work together.

“As a business, we need to be flexible and agile, so if something does happen, we can pivot and adapt quickly. G Suite gives us that flexibility.”

To help employees make the most of their new technology and to limit disruption, CTS delivered a tailored change management programme where some of Village Hotels employees were fully trained on G Suite ahead of the rollout. These employees were then able to train colleagues on the two systems to aid with the full rollout without disrupting day-to-day activity.

Navigating COVID-19

The work completed by CTS proved invaluable during the coronavirus pandemic. Having migrated to G-Suite earlier, the business was able to ensure communication between customers was as seamless as possible throughout the process. In addition, its cloud-based infrastructure has allowed the business to adapt more quickly – for instance ensuring priorities like hygiene and customer safety are addressed through a new remote check-in process which removes interactions between customers and staff.

Jon Davis, CTO at Village Hotels said: “Our entire business was impacted by the lockdown and our technology team was under pressure to deliver solutions across the business to ensure we could continue to address the challenges presented to us effectively.

“It was vital our staff could continue to communicate with customers, as well as collaborate internally with each other. Thankfully, G Suite really helped with this. Our staff keep saying that they don’t know what we’d have done throughout the pandemic without the new IT system we had in place.”

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