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Village Hotels is UK-based, with hotels in England, Wales and Scotland. Founded in 1995 and employing over 1700 members of staff, the business runs 31 hotels across the country.

As well as accommodation, Village Hotels’ sites include food and drink facilities, workspaces and meeting rooms and fitness and wellness clubs.


Village Hotels was looking for a partner to help manage their data across the business. With many of the company’s bookings being taken online, they had amassed a vast amount of data on its customers and on the business itself. Additionally, they were also gathering data obtained from external sources, such as food and drink facilities at their different locations.

However, over the years, Village Hotels had outsourced most of its data management to external partners. The company had a number of different partners managing most of its online data activity, across cash management, bookings, finances and much more. The multiple locations of its data coupled with a lack of structure made it difficult for the hotelier to quickly access and analyse important information and figures. This siloed approach made it difficult for employees to access data and hindered collaboration internally at the hotel chain.

Village Hotels needed to be able to access, analyse and report on this data much more effectively in order to better inform business decisions and continue its growth trajectory.


To help with the management of Village Hotels’ data, CTS enlisted Google’s BigQuery, a cost-effective and scalable cloud data warehouse, part of Google Cloud Platform. The system allows businesses to quickly analyse large amounts of data to uncover business insights.

CTS integrated BigQuery with Google Cloud BI (business intelligence) solution – a comprehensive suite of data analytics tools from Google to provide flexibility, scalability, collaboration, and advanced analytics, built-in.

By utilising BigQuery and Google Cloud BI, the hotelier can quickly identify what its biggest cost drivers are, allowing the business to view its overall performance in a digestible way.

Additionally, by using Looker, they’ve been able to build dashboards that make it easier to see and act on these insights - and make informed decisions for the future. This integration between BigQuery and Looker has improved data availability across the business, simplifying the decision-making and forecasting process.

If required in the future, BigQuery can also be used alongside Machine Learning to build business intelligence tools and spreadsheets, that allow companies like Village Hotels to make better business decisions through predictive analytics.

As a result of moving its IT infrastructure onto the cloud, Village Hotels has already been able to introduce new systems including online check-in for customers via its app. It is also in the process of automating its online chat system to respond to regular questions from consumers, freeing up the travel agents’ time to focus on the more detailed customer enquiries.

Jon Davis, CTO at Village Hotels, added: “Having our data in one central location has been a huge benefit for us. We’ve been able to supply the business with levels of information they’ve never had access to before.

“We can gather hugely granular data from the call centre team, sales department or finance team, and quickly identify where we can make improvements as a business. It’s great for the company as we forecast for the future.”

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