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Seamless transition to the cloud

Take advantage of Google Cloud’s capabilities and start your transition to GCP without having to re-architect your existing infrastructure. With our VMware Accelerator, we’ll demonstrate the value of GCP, using your existing applications and virtual machines, in two weeks.

Experience the benefits of Google Cloud Platform

Experience the benefits of GCP and realise the value that it can bring to your business, without having to re-architect your application.

During this accelerated engagement, we'll take a set of your existing VMware virtual machines to the cloud, to demonstrate the true potential of Google Cloud.

Discover the potential of a powerful infrastructure

Learn how to take advantage of Google Cloud’s highly performant infrastructure services and VMWare Engine offering, with the help of our cloud transformation experts.

You'll learn all about how your organisation can benefit from a scalable, secure and powerful IT infrastructure.

You're in good company

We’ve helped millions outsmart their future by taking them to the cloud.

Judopay outsmarts competitors by enabling faster innovation

"GCP’s security and scalability, coupled with CTS’ expertise made it a winning combination. Judopay is delighted with the results so far, and excited to use this change to continue innovating ahead of the market in the future."

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Robert HowesCTO

VidaXL looks to fuel business growth with a powerful and scalable cloud infrastructure

“Partnering with CTS allows us to focus on what’s really important to us: growth. It allows us to focus on strategic tasks that will continue taking our business forward, while our partners help us manage our underlying infrastructure.”

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Ted van DongenCIO

University of York advance environmental research using Google Cloud

"The team at CTS were amazing, you become a partnership and everyone is really helpful. They understood what we were trying to achieve straight away, and helped us get there. It was the people that made the decision for us."

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Professor James ChongRoyal Society Industry Fellow

Leakbot takes their technology to the next level by migrating to GCP

“I’m really happy I am working with CTS. They’re a great team and we managed a first great milestone in our partnership. Now we can focus on scaling, growing and building new functionality in our project to serve our customers as best as possible.”

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Krystian PasichSenior Backend Developer

Ready to outsmart your future? Let's talk tech