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CTS Gaming07

Love the players, love the game

Gaming is an industry with the latest technology at its very core. With players coming together from across the globe and competing en mass and across a range of devices, there’s nothing more important than the technology that supports a seamless and connected gaming experience.

But why stop there? Data generated by players is an invaluable source of insight that can power game optimisation, fast. Are you making full use of your gaming data to future proof your player engagement?

Smarter scalability and connectivity

Your players want real-time, multiplayer, super slick and lag free experiences. With gaming becoming ever more popular and ever more advanced, players connecting across the globe, expect gaming to be seamless.

Our team work with you to deliver the most cost effective and scalable IT infrastrastructure solution for your game, giving your players the best experience, no matter where or how they choose to play.

Take gaming to the next level

To keep players coming back for more you need to keep them excited and engaged.

By making the most of your data, we help game developers harness the potential of Machine Learning to get value from your player data in real time - enabling you to design new features and engaging in-game experiences that will level up your growth and scope for monetisation.

Your growth accelerators

We provide solutions that outsmart traditional technology. So you can achieve business transformation smarter, and faster.

Modernise IT infrastructure

Achieve speed, security, and scalability for your games with application modernisation, VM migration and high performance computing.

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Innovate with data

Get real-time player insights and implement large scale automation to drive gaming experiences with data lakes, predictive analytics, and Machine Learning.

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Transform how you work

Drive productivity by enabling your entire workforce to create, collaborate and communicate anytime, anywhere.

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Application development

Give players the best experience and enable the use of the latest technology with cutting-edge apps, built by award-winning developers.

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Ready to outsmart your future? Let’s talk tech.