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Powering ground-breaking research and better healthcare

Whether you’re at the forefront of cutting-edge academic research or working on a critical patient diagnosis, speed and accuracy are key. Technology that unlocks increased compute power and assists with data analysis is crucial to achieve smarter, faster outcomes.

Our solutions enable researchers and healthcare professionals to make breakthrough discoveries, faster diagnoses and provide a better quality of care.

Quicker discoveries

Research is all about the data. And lots of it. High performance computing is essential to managing the volume of datasets that drive vital research initiatives. But many research teams rely on oversubscribed on premise solutions and don’t have access to the IT infrastructure they need to work in an agile way.

We work with researchers and research institutions to build affordable, scalable, high performance IT infrastructures that meet the needs of research teams - enabling big ideas to become faster discoveries.

Smarter diagnosis

Data readiness holds back 49% of healthcare organisations from deploying the AI they need to deliver future care at scale.

From patients records to research notes, the number of data sources your healthcare professionals contribute and have access to can be overwhelming. Precision medical care becomes time-consuming and expensive as a result.

Our data experts team up with you to bring all your data together and then develop bespoke applications, such as speech recognition via Machine Learning, to power faster, more accurate diagnoses.

Your discovery and diagnosis accelerators

We provide solutions that outsmart traditional technology. So you can achieve ground-breaking research and forward thinking healthcare smarter, and faster.

Modernise IT infrastructure

Achieve speed, security, and scalability with application modernisation, VM migration and high performance computing.

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Innovate with data

Get real-time insights, faster diagnoses and streamline processes with large scale automation from data lakes, predictive analytics, and Machine Learning.

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Transform how you work

Drive productivity by enabling your research teams and workforce to communicate, collaborate and share anytime, anywhere.

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Application development

Give researchers, care-givers and patients the best experience and access to the latest tech with cutting-edge apps, built by award-winning developers.

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You're in good company

We’ve helped millions outsmart their future by taking them to the cloud.

LUMC reduces administrative load with speech recognition

“We want to provide our patients with the best possible care, as well as playing a leadership role in the Netherlands and beyond. Together with Cloud Technology Solutions and Google Cloud, we can work on developing digital tools to keep innovating healthcare.”

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Marjolein ElderhorstManager of the Digital Innovation team

University of York advance environmental research using Google Cloud

"The team at CTS were amazing, you become a partnership and everyone is really helpful. They understood what we were trying to achieve straight away, and helped us get there. It was the people that made the decision for us."

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Professor James ChongRoyal Society Industry Fellow

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