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Create, innovate and scale with confidence

Never before has technology offered those working in media and marketing the opportunity to innovate at such a pace.

With collaboration solutions fueling faster content creation, scalable IT infrastructure enabling more seamless viewing experiences and data innovation delivering super slick personalisation, technology is bringing the industry closer than ever to the consumer.

Smarter content

From blog posts to full length feature films, demand for content has never been greater. By 2025 entertainment is expected to account for 25% of the world’s data.1

We work with you to get the most value from your content data - fueling smarter and more personalised recommendation engines, speeding up the editorial process and serving more relevant advertising.

Through Machine Learning we can automate elements of your content creation, suggest edits, create trailers and streamline 3rd party licensing.

Smarter advertising models

Attention paid to digital advertising has fallen 40% since 20102. As marketers strive to make better connections with customers, technology is a crucial tool to help form more meaningful engagement.2

Our data teams work with your marketers to bring you closer than ever to the customer. Our data visualisation solutions reveal the touchpoints that matter most to the customer.

Build on real-time analysis with Machine Learning and unlock the power of predictive marketing outcomes to reach your goals and drive ROI.

Your business accelerators

We provide solutions that outsmart traditional technology. So you can achieve transformation smarter, and faster.

Modernise IT infrastructure

Build scalable and powerful IT infrastructure that delivers a seamless viewing experience for a more captivated audience.

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Innovate with data

Deliver highly personalised experiences with predictive insights and smart recommendation engines that bring you closer to customers.

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Transform how you work

Drive productivity and publish faster by enabling your content teams to create and collaborate anytime, anywhere.

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Application development

Give customers the best experience and streamline internal processes with cutting-edge apps, built by award-winning developers.

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You're in good company

We’ve helped millions outsmart their future by taking them to the cloud.

Accelerating Transcom's data journey

"The team we started with had limited experience on Google Cloud, so working closely with CTS was instrumental to transfer the right knowledge. It was their relevant experience and single focus on Google that made the decision easy for us."

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Stefan BergChief Technology Officer

Ready to outsmart your future? Let’s talk tech.

1 IDC: The Digitization of the World
2 Google