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Smart app dev

From integral business support systems to customer facing mobile apps, application development (app dev) is a key consideration for business growth. Our engineers have the tech skillset you require to create whatever you need to move forward.

As internationally recognised industry leaders we utilise our technology know-how to create apps that are completely tailored to the needs of your business. Whether it’s a smaller supportive app, a whole back-end system or an innovative customer-facing solution, we build what you need to outsmart the future.

Future first application building

Innovative application development requires the best building blocks. Our tech stack enables you to improve your application life-cycle through modern agile development. This means you get a constantly adjustable and future proof application that's tailored to assist you to outsmart the future.

Less servers, more innovation

With our serverless solutions you get access to the speed, scalability and simplicity of the cloud without needing to worry about the underlying infrastructure, maintenance and capacity limits. This means your team is free to focus on their ambitions and your business needs to outsmart the future.

Speed, simplicity and scalability

From websites to payroll systems, your applications need to be quick, easy to deploy and be able to keep up with your growth.

The technologies we work with form the basis of this. From scalable, “pay what you use” Virtual Machines to automated continuous delivery that speeds up software releases, the apps we work with are designed to give you the speed and flexibility your mission requires.

You're in good company

We’ve helped millions outsmart their future by taking them to the cloud.

LUMC reduces administrative load with speech recognition

“We want to provide our patients with the best possible care, as well as playing a leadership role in the Netherlands and beyond. Together with Cloud Technology Solutions and Google Cloud, we can work on developing digital tools to keep innovating healthcare.”

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Marjolein ElderhorstManager of the Digital Innovation team

Fanly empowers smarter business decisions thanks to BigQuery

"CTS goes further than building the platform, they created the basis upon which we can realise our goals."

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Jord CuiperCEO

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